How Can I Find Someone in The Forum? 如何在论坛找到同侪学员?
在论坛里找到同侪同学只需要3个步骤: 1、搜索同伴的名字; 2、定位用户页面; 3、保存页面链接 Locating a peer in the forum takes three steps: 1. Search the student's name 2. Locate the pr...
星期五, 11 九月, 2020 at 12:36 PM
Why Do I Use The Forum and Not Wechat? 为什么我使用论坛而并非微信?
Wechat is a social space that sits outside the ICA learnsite and learning places.  微信是一个位于ICA学习网站和学习场所之外的社交空间。 Wechat does not currently comply with Int...
星期五, 11 九月, 2020 at 12:43 PM