There's a difference between the ICF competencies and the ICF markers. ICF核心能力项和ICF评分要求是有区别的。


The competencies lay out the skills and knowledge our students should have by the time they graduate. 核心能力项规划了在学员毕业时所需要具备的技能这知识。


The PCC markers  are indications of evidence that a competency has been used.  So, skills to observe and document. PCC评分要求表明教练呈现某一核心能力项的指标,它用于观察和记录学员的技能表现。

As of July 2020 the ICF have announced new competencies and these are already reflected in our training.  The markers have not yet been released.  However, the new competencies are actually more aligned with the existing markers so we do not expect much change with regard to the assessment of Observed and the oral exam.  However, if there is a change, students will be given advanced warning and will only be assessed on the skills and knowledge they have been taught. 截止2020年7月,ICF宣布了新的核心能力项,这一变化已经在我们的培训中呈现出来。目前,ICF还未公布新的PCC评分要求。但事实上,新的核心能力项与现行的PCC评分要求更一致些,所以我们不认为这些变化会影响到观察下教练和口试中的评鉴表现。然而,如果ICF一旦公布新的评分要求,我们的学员将第一时间收到通知,并在评估环节,以学习到的技能和知识为标准获得评鉴。