This is a common question.  Mainly because so many of us are used to there always being a linear path to follow.  However, with ICA's training, the schedule has been designed to fit your lifestyle, and not the other way around. That means that you can take the classes in ANY order. 

Downloadable Modules - available for download in any order
All modules are available to you in the Learnsite as a downloadable pdf. We highly recommend you read the module before attending that same class.  However, you can actually download and read the modules whenever you want, in any order. 

Take Classes in any Order

You can also attend Zoom classes in any order you like (with the exception of Observed Coaching, which you have to register for) So, although you might be reading the modules in the order they appear in the Learnsite, when you open the schedule you can attend any of the classes listed, whether it was in your plan or not. So for example you might not have read any of the Frameworks and Theories modules and yet in the schedule they are coming up. Simply choose which classes fit your schedule for that next week and then go to the Learnsite and read the corresponding module. Or, if you don't have time to read the module thats fine too. Although we recommend you read a module and then attend that class, you don't have to do it in that order.

Teleclasses - scheduled by time option
There are about 10 time options each week for your core competency classes, with each time option offering a complete set of modules. So, for example: the Monday 9pm class with Rob Stringer is currently running the power tool modules.  Next it will run Frameworks and theories, coach skills, coaching presence and foundation. This means that if the 9pm option works for you then you can stick with it from beginning to end. Or, it might be that the Monday 9pm and the Saturday 8am work for you, meaning you can complete your modules across two time options (and so on).  There is no defined beginning and end and for that reason the modules are not numbered.

Then we recommend you blend Mentor Coaching and your Labs into this. These again do not have a 'start point' but we do recommend you attend them alongside your Core Curriculum. Eg. Don't wait until you have finished your core curriculum to then start your mentor coaching.